Understanding the true nature of connection and change – how all forms rise and fall into ‘Source’. By understanding this we help to open deeper awareness, connection, creativity and human potential.


Developing a capacity to relax deeply. More than to feel good, but also to remove tension and blockages in ourselves, our relationships and our systems. At the deepest level, this is about dissolving limiting beliefs and helping to bring through new kinds of relationship and form in the world.


Perhaps the best known principle – made famous in the book by the same title – this principle is about resting in deep awareness of what is emerging in the moment. Presence helps us to act and move with greater synchronicity, clarity and wisdom.


The energy principle is about helping to flow naturally and powerfully through our systems and systems around us. Where energy flows, so does balance, creativity, wellbeing and wisdom.


Compassion and kindness are roots to mastery of mind and wisdom. Working with this principle is about more than generosity – it can help to shift worldviews and systems towards a more connected and balanced world.


Through this principle we reach a place of clarity and stillness in a hectic world. From here we can make better decisions, take better care, and see a deeper truth in how we lead life and work.


All of the principles lead to a place called Source – a place of deep natural clarity, luminosity and spaciousness. Living and working from this place leads to extraordinary synchronicity, creativity, connection, insight, openness and happiness.