Mac Macartney

Mac is a speaker, writer and change-maker, championing a new story of sustainability. He is also the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise with a mission to catalyse the emergence of leaders and change-makers for a just, peaceful and sustainable future.

1. What role do you believe nature plays in leadership?

Nature is everything. We are nature. We are not separate. When we imagine ourselves separate from nature we edge towards madness and all the dysfunctional behaviour that goes with extreme egotism, hubris, and grandiosity. Nature teaches belonging, relationship, inter-connectedness, and interdependence. She is the great balancer, and from her we learn of sacredness. I can think of no other platform upon which we might wish to develop leaders, no greater teacher, no depth of loving more profound or healing. In this place of deep listening, deep questioning, deep choice, and deep commitment, we learn integrity, wholeness, and the way of the open heart. Whatever our age, rank, or title, holding nature’s hand we are as children, and this way we may one day grasp wisdom’s shawl.

2. What are one or two of the wisdom teachings you’ve received from your Metis mentors that have resonated with you?

It is wise not to trust any leader who is not committed to the Twin Trail – the inner trail of self-understanding, self-unfolding, and deepening; and the outer trail of having powerful effect in the world.

3. How can we inspire business leaders to rediscover a reverence for the planet?

Now, if I knew the answer to this question I would kindle a fire and give thanks. In truth, I do not know. What I do know is that business leaders are also fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and that within their ranks are exactly the same proportion of generous, kind, brave, and loving women and men, as in any other sector of society. So my position in relation to this question is walk the twin trail myself, deepening, questioning and seeking authenticity. I then seek to bring my gifts forward, generously, vigorously, and to the best of my ability, without judgment. I believe that if I do this I will have the best chance of gaining their attention and perhaps something more.
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