Clare Dakin

Is the Executive Director of Tree Sisters, www.treesisters.org, a global network of women supporting feminine leadership and crowd-funding tropical reforestation

1. What does it mean (to you ) to have a heart-based relationship with the earth?

When I dropped from a rational, linear, mind based, generally disconnected state (that enables us to witness ecological destruction without actually feeling it) into a more feeling, heart based state of being – I began to feel touched more deeply and personally by the beauty and fragility of nature; began to slip into the felt reality of my indivisibility from Earth. When I drop deeply enough into an open-hearted state with myself, then I feel more available and porous to life itself – and the depth of love that I think is actually naturally there for all of us towards the one of which we are a part. The intensity of love that I have for the natural world is what propels me beyond my fears, into action on her behalf.

2. How can feminine wisdom save the planet?

The feminine principle is the receptive side of our nature that governs our capacity to relate, to feel, to intuit, to care for and to love. The masculine principle is action, structure and logic orientated. Feminine wisdom is the knowing that arises out of our capacity to feel the state of the whole so that we can respond accordingly. If we do not reclaim this core feminine function, then our actions will continue to destroy. If we can reconnect to our love of nature and feel our indivisibility from her, then we will no longer be able to simply destroy, because we protect what we love…

3. How can we experience a more sacred relationship with ourselves, each other and nature?

When we truly drop into our hearts and start to feel our connection to everything, then in my experience, humility follows. True humility has a sacred quality of bowing to something that we uphold that is so much more than ourselves, or something that we aspire to. Surrendering our logical, analytical minds to the unknowable mystery that is the essential sacred Feminine is a way of becoming porous to the creative force of life that governs everything.

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