Anna Hunt

Anna is a shaman, lecturer, journalist and the author of the best-selling ‘The Shaman in Stilettos’

1. Do you believe the universe is alive and has a consciousness and intelligence?

All shamans believe the Universe is underpinned by an animating consciousness. This energy or light is the Universe’s essence. It manifests in every living thing – including ourselves and is pure wisdom (it’s what we tap into when we tune into our intuition or gut instinct, and is therefore markedly different from the mind / rational reasoning). Because everything is essentially energy, everything is constantly resonating with everything else, consciously or unconsciously. Hence, nothing in this universe is insentient or inanimate, and it is impossible to ever be truly alone.

2. If nature has a message for us, what do you think it is?

That it’s possible – and easy – to reconnect. Capitalism is a wonderful thing as it allows relative meritocracy and the ability for each of us to self-determine. However the individualism at its heart also results in loneliness and isolation – a situation compounded by the demise of extended families and communities. Nature, on the other hand, is something from which we are inseparable and it offers all of us the opportunity to reconnect to being part of a much greater tapestry. This is holistic healing at its most powerful. We’ve all felt it in action when we naturally and without thinking feel ourselves decompress the moment we witness a beautiful vista.

3. What practices would you encourage us to do to connect more deeply with ourselves and nature?

The simplest is to walk mindfully – just allowing our attention to be absorbed by the wonder and intricacy of the natural world. This doesn’t require us to force our minds to empty and it’s much easier than meditation! It just involves us taking time out – 10 minutes is sufficient – to mindfully spend time outside, enjoying natural beauty. When we do this, the body naturally relaxes. Ever found yourself half-way through a walk realising that you’re no longer holding your shoulders up by your ears (something that before the walk, you didn’t even realise you were doing)? When the body naturally relaxes, it release stored stress and emotion.

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