Philosophers Camp

Philosophers Camp

Philosophers’ Camps

An expedition towards Citizenship and Participation – 12th to the 14th June

An expedition into Relationships – 25th to 27th September

Philosophers’ Camps are excursions not just into Nature, but into some the most important issues of our times. Each Philosophers’ Camp brings together passionate people, inspiring questions, special Way of Nature ingredients and plenty of space for the wild to weave its magic. At each Camp, over three days, we embark on a journey through a particular topic. This becomes a journey into different ways of knowing; exploring all of the senses; moving from individual to collective inquiry and from inner to outer Nature. All the while we seek new kinds of understanding. All the while we explore what it is to be alive, and how to take different decisions and actions from new depths. Not least, we light fires, relish good food and good company – and always leave room for a laugh.

About Philosophers’ Camps

The original Philosophers’ Camp brought together an esteemed group of people – including philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson – to camp in the wilderness and inquire into life’s big questions. Later, in the 1900s, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and John Burroughs also enjoyed regular camping trips together. At camp, away from the pressures of everyday life, these pioneers were able to explore questions in refreshingly new ways. This is the intention of our Philosophers’ Camps. To open our senses, our minds and our hearts in forming new connections, perspectives and insights around the big issues of our times.

What to Expect

Our second camp of the year is entitled Being in Relationship: Exploring who we are when we are with others.

Way of Nature, in collaboration with Relationship Coach Corinne Blum, invite you to come spend a long weekend in beautiful Somerset to explore who we are in relationship. 

Many of us may find ourselves caught in the same, unhealthy pattern of relationship; whether we are still looking for a relationship, or are in a partnership already. To be in relationship with others, we must first really look at our relationship to ourselves. Do we believe we are good enough? Are we worthy of love? As Rumi beautifully says: “ Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

On this retreat, with nature as our backdrop, we will explore:

– Our relationship towards our self-worth
– Our barriers, self-beliefs and patterns, that hold us back from experiencing true love and intimacy
– Our inner and outer nature; understanding ourselves as part of the greater whole
– How to remain authentic in relationship
– How to use nature, meditation, movement and time alone to connect with our authentic Self

This retreat will be a mixture of led experiences, meditation, time alone in nature for self-enquiry as well as group discussion. The principles of Way of Nature, using deep relaxation and presence techniques, will be threaded throughout the retreat. We invite you to come take time for yourself, to look into the deeper parts of your being – with the nurture and support of nature – to unveil what being in relationship means to you.


The camps will take place at a beautiful new retreat centre in Somerset (http://42acres.com/place/#accommodation), nestled alongside a seven hundred acre forest. From here we will embark on a programme that weaves through the indoors and outdoors, and the inner and outer worlds. As always with Way of Nature programmes, we will work with core principles of Interconnection, Presencing, Relaxation, Energy, Heart, Clarity and awareness of Source. In this instance, we hold these around the theme – and from here we explore not just what we understand in our rational minds but what we know with our hearts and intuition.

An Invitation

If you are interested in the issues and ideas – and also the way of working we have described – we would love to hear from you. For each camp we are looking forward to bringing together passionate people that can contribute to rich experience and learning together. Not least, we hope the camps are only the beginning of deepening conversations and actions for good.


We are offering a price of individuals and can offer two bursaries for the programme:

£375 for individuals

The bursaries will be offered at the price of £200. Please contact us directly with a description of why you would like to attend and how you will benefit from the bursary.

To book

To book, please email info@wayofnature.co.uk for a registration form and payment instructions.

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