Modern Vision Quest

Modern Vision Quest

Modern Vision Quest

Wild Scotland, 31st August to 8th September, 2019

Our deepest, wildest programme of 2019. This journey honours ancient practices of going into nature alone, to be still, to reconnect, to observe, and to bring a special kind of understanding back to life. 

This year Modern Vision Quest will take place in a sensational wild place in Scotland, where each participant will spend four days alone as part of their quest.

About Modern Vision Quest 

Throughout time and across cultures, people have gone into nature alone to seek guidance. Some people call these journeys ‘Vision Quests’ – journeys away from the everyday, to make space, to support transitions, and to look for something deeper in life. Modern Vision Quest is just such a journey, made fit for modern times.

Our Modern Vision Quest stays true to time honoured traditions while making it relevant to how we live today. So our journey starts with where you are at – with your questions and intentions, which we work with in the months before the expedition, and we help create the best possible journey from there.


Making base in the remote peninsula of Knoydart, in Scotland, here we strip back from everyday life. To begin, we camp together, in the most extraordinary setting, to prepare for our quests. These days involve working with nature-based practices – tools and techniques from ancient traditions – to support stillness, connection, openness and flow. Over these days we also share stories to support each quest. We do so in the way that our ancestors did before us – around fires, making time to listen deeply, always with the help of nature.

We then move into the Vision Quest. This involves setting off alone to a place in the mountains, marking a circle and stepping into it for four days and three nights. It is hard to describe the insights and feelings that might come from the process; a chance to be alone with your own true self and wild nature all around you. Slowly, you might find yourself more at ease; more aware; more connected with a deeper truth of things. It is something very special to keep with you through life.

Here we place more emphasis on the ‘yin’ – on the art of making space, and letting things be, and the principles of emergence. To support this, we share tools and knowledge from our personal experience, including influences from Taoism, Buddhism, traditional ceremony, myth, story and a range of approaches to transformation and learning.

After the quest, we return to our shared camp, to share stories and insights from the experience, and to explore how to take any lessons back to life and work. We also arrange two calls in the months after the programme, to help keep the experience alive.

We think that this kind of immersion is one of the greatest gifts a person can give themselves. It is a process we host with much care and respect, while doing so with lightness and joy. Here, we also do it in a way more designed for modern times. We don’t believe the world needs more ‘striving’ or ‘pushing’. The emphasis here is on stillness, peace and relaxation – letting nature cast her magic in her own way.


This programme takes place in the far North of Scotland. You will need to arrange travel to be in Mallaig, Scotland, by the evening of the 30th August, to meet as a group on the morning of the 31st. We will finish as a group on the 8th of September, and can work with you to arrange adequate departure times that day.


£1250 including all guiding, meals and local transfers from and to Mallaig. An Early Bird price of £999 is available for bookings before 31st March 2019.

Two bursaries spots are available at £695. To apply, please contact us with a description of why you would like to come and be part of the journey.


To book, please complete this registration form, following payment instructions at the end. For enquiries, please email email us at info@wayofnature.co.uk.

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