Cycles of Change

Cycles of Change

Cycles of Change: Natural and Elemental wisdom

A day retreat near Central London, new dates to be announced soon.

This one day retreat is a journey into the nature of change. Change is a strange thing. Sometimes we desperately want it, sometimes it comes when we really don’t need it. Yet, it is in the nature of all things.

What to expect

An exploration of how we sense and work with change. Here we work with three core Way of Nature principles: Presence, Relaxation and Energy. These are at the heart of developing awareness, staying grounded and developing capacity to sense and adapt to change more skilfully.

From here, we will work with ideas from indigenous medicine wheels and the Taoist elements: Fire, Earth, Stone/Metal, Water and Wood. Always enlightening – and always about working with heart as much as head – these help us explore how any ‘form’ has different forces and forms of energy around it. These contrasting forces exist in us and in everything around us. Understanding these forces can help us to us to shape and cope with change more  profoundly.

“All forms are constantly changing. All forms are connected. All forms constantly fall and rise from Source.”

Not least, in this programme we make space for some brief periods of time alone (AllOne) ‘solos’ outdoors. This can be a gift we hardly ever give ourselves – time completely alone to ourselves.

At the end of the experience we will reflect on how to take insights and practices drawn from the day back into everyday life.

Held lightly and playfully, this is an inspiring and heart-warming experience to help many aspects of work and life.


– An opening into relaxation and presence

– An introduction to Qi Gong practices to support awareness and flow

– Mindfulness practices

– An exploration of the cycles of change through ancient wisdom models

– A mini solo, alone (AllOne) to support reflection

– Space to consider how to thread new forms of balance into life

This workshop is facilitated by Andres Roberts, co-founder of Way of Nature and a guide dedicated to wholeness, balance and reconnection.

Start time – arriving from 10.00 to begin for 10.30am. Finish by 4pm.
Price: £55, £40 early-bird available until 5th April, £30 concessions (transport and lunch excluded, please bring packed lunch).


This day retreat will start at evolve wellbeing centre, South Kensington. Weather permitting we will use outdoor spaces in Hyde Park through the day.

Address for evolve is 10 Kendrick Mews, London SW7 3HG


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