After the Storm Nature Quest

After the Storm Nature Quest

Recalibrate, Rest and Replenish –  26th – 30th August 2020, Tuscany – Italy

This nature quest will give you the tools to take stock and reconnect with your inner nature and your outer-nature.

Making Space to Reconnect

After a global pause these past few months many of us may have struggled to find the space to find stillness amongst qualities of fear and uncertainity that the quarantine may have brought up.

Traditionally a “vision quest” or nature quest was used as a tool for marking a milestone in one’s life, drawing a line in the sand after a significant event, making time to gather ourselves and step forwards with intention into a new phase of our lives.

Now is that perfect time to step across the threshold.

The Nature Quest

The process places emphasis on core Way of Nature principles: the principle of relaxation; the principle of presence; and principles to support connection with the flow of life.

The Nature Quest itself involves finding a spot in the wild, marking a circle between nine and eighteen metres in diameter and stepping into that circle to let everyday life fall away and a whole different quality of perception to emerge.

On your Nature Quest you take as little as possible with you. A tent is optional, as is food, but we certainly leave all books, devices and other forms of distraction behind. It’s difficult to explain how special and helpful this space can be. It is like a deep ‘reset’ button for the heart and mind.

After the ‘solo’, we come back as a group to share stories from the experience, and to explore how to take the magic from the experience back into life and work. At a time when people feel so disconnected from nature, this part of the process is more and more important.

We host this journey with great care, dedication and joy. Time and time again people tell us that it has helped them make profound and long-lasting changes in their lives.


This is about carving a different quality of space and time.

Some of what we will cover:

– Time to share how these uncertain times have affected us personally and make meaning in a safe space
– Tools and practices dedicated to relaxation, awareness and connection, supported by nature
– Moving exercises and meditations to support stillness, flow and awareness (inspired by T’ai Chi and Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gong)
– A personal ‘Nature Quest’ in an extraordinary wild place that’s steeped in Etruscan mythology, supported to do so with extra care at this time of year
– Space for personal practice, writing, drawing and more
– Fire-side conversations dedicated to stillness and connection to everyday life
– Plenty of down time and time to be in a personal solo spot
– A later call to keep insights and lessons alive back at home

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Adrian Kowal – Adrian is the co-founder of Way of Nature UK and is regularly mind-blown by the alchemical reaction of combining deep relaxation processes with Rites of Passage nature connection practices. He has trained and assisted in facilitating programmes with John P. Milton, and has been leading wilderness programmes for 6 years. Adrian has also been running Evolve, a centre for growth and wellbeing in London, for 10 years and has deep knowledge of both urban and nature-based wellness practices.

Location and Travel

The base-camp has a wild-wood, fire-pit, beautiful river running through and is right on the edge of a dormant volcano and the largest beech forest in Europe.

The programme will take place in a mountainous remote area of Tuscany, Italy. The nearest transport hub is Pisa, from which trains run to the city of Grosseto. Grosseto is where you will be picked up and dropped off.


The price for the full retreat including transfers to and from Grosseto, all activities, practices, accommodation and food:


Bursary spots

We also offer two bursary spots for anyone who wouldn’t normally have space or opportunity to do this. Please get in touch to find out more.


To confirm your place and book onto the retreat please fill out the following form where you will find payment instructions. To find out more about the programme please contact us at        Copyright Way of Nature UK 2015-2020.