2020 Programmes & Workshops
More than ever, it is a time to return to nature - to reconnect to the extraordinary wildness we are part of, and to do the work that brings the best out of being human - for all people and planet. This is the aim of each of our programmes and retreats.

Deep Rest Retreat

29th Jan - 2nd Feb

The most peaceful of programmes, designed for this moment in time, hosted in Tuscany.

Nature Mavericks + Bio-Leaders Retreat

13 - 17th May

A quest for pioneers, protectors and regenerators working with, and for, nature - in wild, wild Scotland.

Way of Nature Journey for Women

5th - 8th June

Our first women’s programme of the year, hosted from a wild camp in Devon, UK.

Men's Programme

5th - 9th June

Our men’s programme - taking place over a number of months and starting with this extraordinary retreat, in Tuscany.

Secret Island, Summer Solstice Quest

19th - 23rd June

A core Way of Nature UK programme, focusing on presence, relaxation and the wildness of the ocean.

Forest Family Camp

24th - 26th Jul

A community camp out experience in Kent for all the family involving wild swimming, cooking over the fire and games galore

Rites of Passage for Teens - Lake District

18th - 23rd Aug

We are delighted to host a programme for teenagers in 2020, in partnership with The Visionaries, hosted in a magnificent location in the Lake District.

Vision Quest Gathering

28 Aug - 6 Sep

A profound and powerful quest - including four days alone in the wild - dedicated to navigating the wildness of our times.

Light From The Depths – Autumn Women's Retreat

12th - 16th Sep

A second women’s programme of the year - a deep expedition into shadows to bring out light.

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