Men’s Programme

Men’s Programme

Men’s Programme

A course for men hosted over 4 months –  June to September 2021

It’s so easy as men to live in our comfort zones. Even within increasingly hectic lifestyles that cram in too much, there is no time to slow down. Men often neglect creating free time in exchange for the “to do list” aspirationally busy lifestyle, when what they are yearning for is some solitude and space for free thinking and reflection. Our work may challenge us intellectually, but how often as men do we take risks, explore our edge, step outside of what we know, and challenge ourselves emotionally and physically?

During this programme we will support each other to explore where our edges lie and ask ourselves what challenges us about being men, and what do we love about being men. Through inquiry, movement-based work and time in solitude in the wilderness, we can return to our daily lives more centred, with a greater capacity to be confident and relaxed, within ourselves, in every situation.

Join us for an extended 4 month programme that will inspire the courage to tell the truth and dig into how we show up as men. Where we will explore cultivating stillness, reawakening a sense of aliveness, delve into purpose and enjoy the support of community.


Spring 2021: A Retreat About Outer Adventure and Inner Safari Our journey begins with a revitalising soak (traditionally done as a purification ritual) in a natural thermal hot spring. We then begin a 5 day hiking retreat in a sacred valley in Tuscany, well known for it’s stillness, stunning landscapes and abundance of wildlife. Each morning we will begin with a mixture of Qi Gong, an awakening wild workout and Wim Hof breathing. Our days will be filled with scrambling, wild swimming, dialogues around defining our purpose and exploring our shadow. The retreat will focus on developing our sense and embodiment of presence, in preparation for a 24 hour ‘solo’ – time alone camping in the wilderness inspired by the Vision Quest tradition. Spending prolonged time in solitude in nature has been practiced by men for more than 10,000 years as a Rite of Passage or Initiation ritual, where men returned to their communities with a defined sense of meaning and of their role within the tribe.

Summer 2021: Growing Together Over the following four months each participant will belong to an inquiry group that will meet regularly online or physically (if distance allows), to explore themes of meaning, communication, polarity, relationship and more. As a group we will circle up once a month between June and September, to take part in a men’s group together via an online platform. This will be a time to check in and share our challenges and things we want to celebrate with each other. Men’s groups offer participants accountability, clarity, challenge, support and a unique environment to really tell the truth about yourself – something which is often lacking in conversations down the pub or with long-term male friends.

Autumn 2021: Harvesting our Insights We will conclude our journeying together by reviewing and sharing insights we have gained, offer each other honest feedback, discuss the themes of purpose in community or career, and support each other to carry these lessons out into the world.

Please note that the calls are optional concerning attendance.

“I came back so calm and serene and positive. I do think something has changed within me.”

– Nick (2018 participant)

Please note: This journey will be physically challenging. Expect to learn new practices for living in the wild, and to carry some of the food and the shelter you will need over the expedition.

Why Men’s Work

Men’s work is about intentionally moving beyond the ‘macho’ culture that has been pervasive in western culture for so long. It’s about exploring our own vulnerability, shadow, shame and brotherhood that extends beyond pub chat or watching sports together (which is often superficial). Men aren’t taught to ‘share’ their inner world, something that women are more inclined to do. In a consumer culture of greed and power, it’s important that men don’t feel alone with their feelings and their pain. At present men are 8 times more likely than women to take their own lives, rates of depression and mental health are all sharply increasing and 1 in 4 men claim they don’t have anyone to turn to in times of need. Men’s work offers safe environments for men to share what’s really going on for them below the surface and an opportunity to be seen and supported by other men, many of whom can relate with their own similar experiences.


Adrian Kowal – Adrian is the co-founder of Way of Nature UK and is regularly mind-blown by the alchemical reaction of combining men’s work with Rites of Passage nature connection practices. He has trained and assisted in facilitating programmes with John P. Milton, and has been leading and taking part in regular men’s groups for 6 years. Adrian has also been running Evolve, a centre for growth and wellbeing in London, for 8 years and has working knowledge of both urban and nature-based wellness practices.

Kevin Mascarenhas – Kevin is a trained guide with Way of Nature UK, a systemic business coach and permaculture expert. He has been active in mens groups for six years and loves to combine this with time in nature. What matters the most to him is finding space in hectic urban life for experiences of reflection, connection and recharge.

Ibrahim Bokharouss – Ibrahim was raised in a Moroccan-Dutch environment, where opposing approaches to life have sparked his interest to search and cultivate a path that recognizes our shared common humanity. He combines a professional background in sciences, engineering and design, with a devoted interest in cultivating a deeper and more meaningful connection to one’s self and our environment. With also extensive studies and experiences in contemplative traditions and practices, he is now dedicated to bridging the two worlds by empowering people from all walks of life to lead a more meaningful and sustainable life, through the cultivation of the practical skills of mindfulness, self-awareness, resilience, empathy and compassion. Ibrahim is trained as a meditation and yoga teacher and also a Search Inside Yourself facilitator, where he has trained leaders and professionals at organizations across the world (e.g. African Development Bank, United Nations, Google, Sony) on the practical life skills of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. In his teachings he also draws from deeper life experiences of working and living in refugee camps and conflict regions (e.g. Gaza, Iraq).


The first retreat is scheduled 9th June – 13th June 2021. The calls will be scheduled over the the following 4 months.


The retreat will take place in a sacred valley in Tuscany, Italy.



Bursaries: £545*

*We are able to offer two reduced price bursary places on this retreat. To apply, please email us at with a short description of who you are and why you would like to come and be part of the journey.


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