Deep Dive into Nature and Self

The ancient practice of meeting Self through Nature. Guided through tools of embodiment, eco-therapy, eco-soul centric development, ceremony and the heart of Community through your Solo time.

From Shadow To Light
Flow of the Earth Solo Experience:
  • First Community Circle~
    Getting to know the group and landing in the topics of Deep and Spiritual Ecology. Introduction to practices for nature connection.
  • Second Community Circle~
    Introduction to Rites of Passage in modern times and playful exploration of the Four Directions of Human Nature.
  • Third Community Circle~
    Deepening of container, sharing and refining of personal intentions, prepare to step over the threshold for our Solo experience.
  • Earth Solo experience~
    Spending one day (or more) alone on the land in a place of your own choosing over a weekend.
  • Welcome back Ritual~
    Sharing of our experience and insights in Story Council. Guidance on how to integrate the experience over the days that follow.
  • Integration and Visioning~
    Community Check-in about our process of integration.Visioning for future movement, using the Four Shields Model to support us going forward.

Join us in uncovering the medicine and ancient stories of belonging that nature can bring. This process is designed to deepen your relationship to self and the place that holds you being supported by the community.


What you will receive

Over the 4 week process you will receive:

  • 5 online community calls on Zoom forming the basis of our community circles.
  • Meditations, rituals, embodiment practices
  • Input on Deep Ecology, the tradition of Rites of Passage and the Four Shields Model of Human Nature
  • Access to an online community platform with stored resources and practices
  • A buddy system as well as optional one-to-one support sessions with a trained guide

For centuries, across many different cultures, humans have spent time alone in nature. This ancient practice reconnects us deeply to Self and to the living world around. It supports us with marking life transitions, stepping into new roles and finding clarity. For whatever intention may want to be lived, this practice holds many gifts for humanity and nature alike.

“To dwell on the land alone in reverence is a beautiful remembering of our profound humanness.”

Your Guides

  • Carolin Goethel
    Carolin Goethel

    Carolin is a Berlin based community weaver and facilitator. Drawing on her anthropological studies, her work in leadership education and her passion for deep ecology, she’s developed a varied toolbox to build cultures of interbeing.

    The profound experience of her own vision quest led her to study eco-soul centric practices and guiding Nature Solo experiences with the Wild Minds Collective.

    Working at the intersection of inner and outer systems change, she seeks to empower citizens to build a life-sustaining future.

  • Jenny O’Hare
    Jenny O’Hare

    Jenny is a Deep Ecologist recently returned to Ireland following the call of her homeland. Her work focuses on the relationship between humanity and the rest of the living world, and is deeply inspired by her own sense of belonging to living systems.

    Drawing on her background in Natural Sciences and Ecology, and inspired by the ways that life informs life, her work draws on Eco-psychology, Spiritual Ecology and extensive training in Eco-therapy and Solo nature experiences. Listening to the living world is her most powerful guide!

  • Sophie Vandenkerchove
    Sophie Vandenkerchove

    Sophie has followed training as a Wilderness Rites of passage Guide at the School of Lost Borders in California. She is a long time practitioner in the Zen meditation and apprenticing into Druidry and Celtic Shamanism.

    Sophie runs a nature-based learning centre, called Chamai, in the home of her ancestors in Belgium, offering residential retreats, mini-vision quests, sacred pilgrimages and initiatory work in and with Nature.

    In her work, she always interweaves the power of ceremony with her soulful love for nature and people.

What others say...

We aim to create a community that will enter this process together, and be supported throughout the journey.

Attendance on the following dates is required:

~First Community Circle~

WED 26th October

7pm - 9.30pm CET

~Second Community Circle~

WED 2nd November

7pm - 9.30pm CET

~Third Community Circle~

FRI 11th November

7-9.30pm CET

~Earth Solo experience~

SAT 12th - SUN 13th November

Self held Solo time

~Welcome back Ritual~

SUN 13th November

6.30 - 9.30pm CET

~Integration and Visioning~

WED 16th November

7pm - 9.30 pm CET


300 GBP Regular Price

375 GBP Supporter Price

*for those with ample financial means, which allows others with less means to participate, and also supports our bursary process.

215 GBP Supported Price

*for students, low waged, or those experiencing challenging living circumstances.

If money is an issue for you right now, you can email us at [email protected] saying a few words about why you'd like to apply for a bursary place. We hope to offer at least 1 bursary place, and will assess all bursary applicants before making a decision.


Do I need to attend all the calls?

Since this is an intentionally designed process, we ask you to ensure in advance that you are available to attend all 5 calls. If it happens that you miss a call due to unforeseen circumstances, we will do our best to help you integrate this.

How do I spend my solo time on the land?

Your solo time is a special time set aside for a specific purpose. It can be spent in stillness or in movement, but we offer the following general guidelines below. Please note we will prepare you fully for your solo time during the four week process.

Since we will be in the winter season, we recommend you dress warmly, take tea and perhaps some blankets. We invite you to spend an extended period of time outside, ideally from sunrise to sunset. You can look for a sitting spot that calls you to spend most of your day in, or decide to go on a Medicine Walk and stay in movement. The main practice during that time is to be fully present with the living world and be in communication with yourself and the land. You can of course also decide to spend the night outside if you are in a more moderate climate zone and/ or have really solid winter camping gear. You could also decide on more solo time over the course of the 48 hour period.

In any case, we ask you to respect your own boundaries, so you can feel safe during the journey as we will be guiding you from afar.

How do I choose where to go?

There might be a certain area, a landscape or a place you want to deepen your relationship with. Maybe there is a place you have never visited but have always wanted to get to know. Depending on where you live, it could be a place that is quite remote and wild or a place that is easier to reach from your home and a little closer to civilisation. Of course a secluded place with less distraction from frequent human visitors will support you in being fully present with yourself and the more than human world around you.

Do I need to be spending my time fully in Solo over the weekend, or can I meet up with some friends and go for a walk together?

We invite you to stay as much Solo as possible, during your dedicated ceremonial time. This doesn’t need to be the whole weekend, but could be so. This will be for you to decide on and feel into. Be aware that each person that you bring on your Solo, will be part of your ceremony, and therefore will also influence your experience. If you do bring a person on your Solo, then be sure to inform us and make clear rules so you are not speaking to each other the whole time. If being Solo is an edge for you, we would be happy to support you more on this throughout the process.

I’m going through a challenging time right now, and I wonder if this Solo could be good for me?

Spending time alone on the land can be challenging as well as nourishing and healing. The fact that there will not be many distractions means that whatever is moving in you will express itself. Here is where the importance of going out with a clear intention or question comes in. It will help you to not let yourself be pulled into a spiral of despair. If you are doubting whether you can deal with the challenges you are currently facing on your own, please do get in touch with us and we are happy to support you with taking a decision.

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