“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
– W.B. Yeats



8th to 14th May:  Fire & Shadows – Collaboration with The Dark Mountain Project. A 9 month programme going deep into the shadows and stoking up fires for our times. Through this unique collaboration, we will host a programme into going deep into our biggest issues, supported by deep immersions in the wilderness, and helping people take individual and collective action in their lives. For more information click here.


30th May – 4th June – Where the Wild Men Are: Into the Mountains Men’s Retreat – Scotland. 20 men will meet in the deep wilds of Scotland. Each will bring only 20 items, to live in the wild for 5 days. Drums will be beaten, mountains will be scaled, moonlit lochs will be swum, a sweat lodge will be built. There will be singing. There will be Qi Gong at dawn. There will be an unforgettable adventure. For more information click here.



27th June – 2nd July The Way of Nature Programme. An essential Way of Nature programme, including deep wisdom practices, a 36 hour ‘solo’ in the wild, and added support after the event. For more information click here.



8th – 14th July – John P. Milton, Reconnection and Renewal. A special week retreat with founder of Way of Nature, renowned ecologist, author, shaman and spiritual teacher John P. Milton. Sure to be a special week in a special location, Findhorn Ecovillage and Learning Centre, Scotland. For more information click here.


28th – 30th July – Family Camp: A magical long weekend of camping under the stars and celebrating nature together. Think swimming in rivers, playing capture the flag, storytelling, hiking, cooking over the fire, learning bushcraft and a whole lot more. Not least, a chance for grown ups to enjoy a ‘solo’ adventure alone with nature. At a stunning location in Kent. For more information click here.



18th – 24th September – Modern Vision Quest – Tuscany.  An epic week-long programme in the mountains in Tuscany, with four nights spent alone in the wild. The seven day journey, set in one of the most beautiful places in Europe, will use all aspects of the Way of Nature process to help you go on a profound journey into your own inner and outer Nature. More information click here.


6th – 12th November – Winter Quest: The Power of Possible: Winter Quest: the power of possible is a programme in Iceland, dedicated to the power of making things possible. The programme will be hosted by our own Andres Roberts in collaboration with adventurer, author and founder of the Yes Tribe, Dave Cornthwaite. For more information click here.


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