The Village at the Edge of the World – A Camp for Young People

The Village at the Edge of the World – A Camp for Young People

2pm Tuesday 17th August – 3pm Sunday 22nd August 2021, Grizeback, Lake District

A wild adventure in the Lake District for teenagers and young adults who want to live a life less ordinary. Co-hosted by our sister organisation The Visionaries


“Whilst world leaders are behaving like children it falls on us to be the adults in the room.”
Greta Thunberg


We think Greta Thunberg is a total legend. She proves that every single one of us is brimming with the potential to do something extraordinary.

Do you dare dream that big?

Do you yearn for fellow adventurers and co-creators of a world less ordinary?

Do you want to know how to face uncertainty, find strength and unlock even more of your own unique superpowers?

Then join us for a week in the wilderness. A camp to celebrate your wildness. A life affirming quest into a world less ordinary.


“When my children alight upon terra firma, I will gather them close and teach them a conspiracy; I will whisper to them a subversive tale under the nodding approval of many moons: I will stare into their starry eyes, and tell them that the world is intensely abundant – so utterly full of everything we need.”
Bayo Akomolafe


The Visionaries are a group of adventurers, guides and pioneers who share a commitment to a life less ordinary: an African storyteller, a wilderness guide, an off-grid pioneer, a wild woman, a differently-abled long-distance runner.

If we’ve learned anything from our own lives it’s that it’s critical to cultivate your own ‘inner visionary’: that wild part of you that knows a different world is possible and dares to step towards it.

In that spirit, we create life-affirming spaces and adventures to help emerging generations discover the abundance waiting to be found in the wilderness outside and the wild within.


“As learners, we come into this place with our low and high ranks, with our families and ancestors, with our fears, our doubts, our dreams, and our powers. We are not here just to talk, we are here to sit by the river and to jump into it, if we want to… You don’t need to go beyond your edges, you are not here to conquer or to appropriate anything. Rather, you can hang from and lean into your edge, and work from here.”
Cagla Aykac


The Village At The Edge Of The World is a week-long adventure in back-to-basics off-grid living in the wilds of the Lake District. Explore what it means to be alive in this moment in history, live in more balance with the planet, and learn vital life skills that might help set you on course to achieve your wildest dreams.

If you agree with any of these statements we think you’d enjoy our course:

– Do you want to get away from home and everyday stuff and spend restorative time in the stunning wilderness outdoors?
– Do you want to explore who you are becoming or could become, get outside of your bubble or contemplate your next step in life?
– Do you wish you could join with diverse young people and dream into a more just future, alone and together?
– Are you looking for ways to resource and sustain your mental health and resilience?
– Do you wonder if you might be able to live in greater harmony with nature?
– Do you fancy the challenge of living as a group ‘off-grid’ for a week (i.e. no electricity)?
– Do you want to learn and strengthen skills for sustainable living and the emerging regenerative economy?
– Do you want to get better at navigating uncertainty, facing anxieties or transforming challenging situations into opportunities?
– Do you have an inspiration that you feel like you could do something really innovative with? Would you like to find one, if you could?
– Do you want dynamic collaborators to work with in order to bring some of your visionary ideas to fruition?
– Do you see the wilderness and the outdoors as part of your desire to make change in the world? Would you dare to, if you could?

What will I get?
– A 1-week ‘off-grid’ adventure with a community of like-minded 16-25 yr olds
– A rites-of-passage inspired experience with up to 20 new allies and accomplices, fellow pioneers with whom to share fears and wisdom.
– Full immersion in expansive wild space with room to roam, swim, dance, laugh, create and feast together – celebrating our lives and our futures after a tough year
– Discover and connect to your passions and the gifts only you can bring to the world: finding or strengthening your own unique voice and story
– Learn some really useful life skills, expand your awareness, grow as a person, make new friends, tackle life challenges, all surrounded by the power of nature and supportive guides
– Inspiring, coaching, training and learning from and with expert guides and the guides of the future.
– Learn how to self care and tend to your physical, mental and emotional needs
– Learn to lead yourself and your community through and beyond the pandemic with nature on your side
– Pick up new skills in regenerative living and about the circular economy
– Have great fun with a whole range of games, activities and exercises for all on offer, including trail running, wild swimming, mountain hikes, nature games, storytelling, bushcraft, campfire activities and wellbeing practices
– The opportunity to be invited back to co-guide future camps with The Visionaries for schools, organisations and your peers.

£480 per participant.
We don’t want the cost to be prohibitive so we are offering a number of bursary places. Please contact the course leader, Max Girardeau on sharing why you would like to come but need a bursary to make it happen.

We recommend arriving by train into Oxenholme (2h30 from London, 1h30 from Manchester). From there we will run a shuttle minibus to the camp for £10 each way.

How do I get involved?

There’s only 20 places in our small community for this adventure. Register your place by making the payment here:

Thereafter you will be sent a registration form.        Copyright Way of Nature UK 2015-2020.