The Village at the Edge of the World – Camps for Young People

The Village at the Edge of the World – Camps for Young People

A one week adventure in the UK wilderness for young adults who want to discover their visionary potential and help build a better future for our world*


– 15-17 or 18-30 and hungry to make a change in the world we live in?

– Want to take ownership of your future and live life on your terms?

– Up for a week-long wild adventure with up to 12 other visionary young adults, living off-grid (no electricity), immersed in nature?

– Able to pay £550 (Note: we have several discounted Supported & Bursary places available, see below)

Dates for the 4 Camps for 2023 TBC Soon!

(18-30 year olds)


– Want support with your personal development journey
– Want a chance to celebrate and socialise after after all the challenges of Covid-times
– Believe there is a better way, for you, and other young people to have your concerns be heard and taken seriously
– Want support to act on your dreams or concerns, not just talk about them
– Think we can create a happier, healthier future world, not species extinction
– Crave time and space to relax in nature, connect with inspiring new people and feed your imagination and creativity
– Are frustrated by how much school didn’t teach you
– Are curious about social justice, climate breakdown and/or mental health
– Think there is magic everywhere if we just look for it
– Want to be able to model not only strength but also relationship ability
– Believe change also begins from the bottom of the ladder of power and not just top down 


– Hate the outdoors
– Are totally cool with the way things are in the world
– Expect things to magically change because someone else will fix it
– Never wonder about questions like “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, and “Why is there so much conflict?”
– Couldn’t imagine a week without creature comforts and home luxuries


Mountain adventures – We’ll live half way up a mountain with great views. As well as summiting mountains and going on beautiful hikes, expect some wild swimming and to learn about how to navigate and live safely in a mountain environment by our qualified Mountain Leader.

Community living – you’ll be getting a chance to live, work and form real human connections with like-minded young people. Shaping the way you want to live and co-exist for the week.

In addition to community living this change of pace from your day-to-day life will give you:
Time to enjoy some solitude
Space to reflect on your purpose/place in the world
A change of scenery to help inspire your journey of self-discovery

Resourcing and sustaining your mental health – This last year has made maintaining our mental health extremely difficult. During this one week adventure we’ll provide you with guidance, tools and practical ways to maintain your mental wellbeing in your daily life

Connecting with nature – Whether it’s through walking, wild swimming, mindfulness or sitting round the fire, you’ll get a chance to be closer to nature than ever before, learning about the environment we inhabit and the best ways to take care of it.

A ‘Vision Fast’ – On the penultimate day, we invite each person to find a private spot in the wild away from the group to spend half a day in solitude, without any of your usual modern distractions, including food! This is an ancient practice that has existed in different forms in almost every human culture throughout time. We will spend the week preparing for this experience and feedback tells us it’s often the most transformative part of the week (see Nadège’s quote below). You can also read more about the WHY and HOW of vision fasts here.

Develop ideas for the future – As part of this adventure we would like to encourage you to step into your visionary self: exploring the edge of what we know by developing ideas that’ll positively help the world, and figuring out how to execute them



“My week at The Village with The Visionaries was epic and healing in so many ways. I’ve spent years trying to find myself, my purpose, my identity, and unfortunately the only way that manifested itself was through an eating disorder and depression. I thankfully managed to claw my way through most of that, but it wasn’t until taking part in The Village that I realised how much it was still holding me back. Like two weights tied around my waist. 

Immersing myself in nature, sharing my vulnerabilities with positive and powerful people, and seeing Max, Zuma and Sola achieving their goals was so inspiring and life changing. I finally feel brave enough to take the leap out of the 9-5 and to pursue my dream to help people, just like how they’ve helped me. I’ve learned how to connect with my inner child, how to shine a light on my inner shadows, how to give generously, and how to harness the wisdom to let go of what doesn’t serve me.

I am finally letting go of the depression and eating disorder that have been claiming my identity, and instead I have the clarity and strength to become who I want to be. Hopefully soon you’ll see me running nature, yoga and art retreats to help people’s mental health!” – Leah Gowing – 2021 Participant

“The Village at the Edge of the World camping experience had a profound impact on me. As someone who struggles with loneliness living alone in London, I could connect deeply with others. We shared food, talents, stories, and the warmth of the campfire. The things we learned about the medicine wheel and the daily activities helped me put the troubles weighing me down at home into perspective while being guided to a place of wisdom. I returned to London feeling so much better about my life.

An activity that had an incredibly profound impact on me was the vision fast. We were sent into the wilderness alone for three hours, no phones, no books, no pens, just ourselves. I went into the vision fast with the affirmation, ‘I trust in my path’. Out there in the wilderness, there were no distractions. There was nothing external to me influencing my thinking. While I was out there, I felt like I could own my thoughts, own my time, and own my ‘self’. I had some candid revelations about where and how I hold myself back. I held a ceremony for my mum, who died when I was five- it just so happened to be her birthday that day. By the time the fast ended, my affirmations were ‘I am on my path’, ‘I am true to my heart’, and ‘I have a beautiful family’.

The things I feared most going in and found most challenging, like the rain and cold, bats, slugs and bugs, and using an outdoor shower and toilet, ended up being the things I most appreciated. I faced my fears in a gentle and supported way, which has enabled me to see myself in a different, more capable way. So grateful to the visionaries team for allowing me to be a part of this life-changing experience.” – Nadege Rene – 2021 Participant

“During the time at camp, I was able to take a break, calm down deeply and feel so inspired by the world around me. I met wonderful people, listened and learned from them. I felt more at home in nature again, understanding how important and necessary it is for me. I got to spend time and share, reflect & realise in a warm, supportive, allowing community. Overall it’s given me the courage to commit to new beginnings, embracing myself fully and what it is I truly want my life to be.

I’m definitely taking forward deep listening, slowing down & moving with more love and courage. I feel a lot more compassionate towards myself. This was a beautiful experience that revealed a lot of challenges – I was able to move through them with the support, kindness and openness of others. I plan to take forward more time together, more time in silence & nature and self belief.” – Kendra Chiagoro-Noel – 2021 Participant



I want to find out more before I apply. Can I speak to someone?

Yes, of course! Drop us an email at [email protected] with your phone number and a good time to speak and someone will call you.

I’ve never done anything like this before, do I need to have had previous relevant experience?

Definitely not! If our call out above speaks to you, then we would like to hear from you. There was a time when we hadn’t had this kind of experience either!

Transport and Logistics

The Village is taking place at two different sites this year, so make sure to check the location you have chosen and read below accordingly.

NOTE: Each programme starts at 3pm and ends at 2pm.

We recommend getting the train to the nearest station is Ulverston, arriving around 2pm (3h30 from London, 2h30 from Manchester), ready for a 3pm start. From there we will run a shuttle minibus to the camp and will share what times these will be at.

If driving, set your satnav for Ashlack Hall, Grizebeck. For Dodgson Wood, head to the parking at this Google Maps pin.

The programme will finish at 2pm. We will provide a return shuttle to Ulverston train station for 3pm onward travel.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to bring, we are here to help you to prepare and will share an equipment list. You shouldn’t need to buy any extra special gear.

I really want to come but I’m not sure I can afford it.

We don’t want the cost to be prohibitive and so we are offering a sliding scale bursary to aid attendance. Please contact the course leader, Dave Heinemann on [email protected] sharing why you would like to come, why you need a bursary to make it happen and how much you feel you are able to contribute towards the cost (between £50 – £300).

I don’t have any camping gear. Can I still come?

Yes! And don’t worry, we’ve got a lot of camping equipment we can lend you. Just let us know when you register your place.

Who’s running this programme?

You’ll be guided by our best facilitators and wilderness guides. Depending the dates you choose you will be guided by Max Girardeau, Sola Adebiyi, Nikki Levitan & Dave Heinemann.

You can read more about us on Our Team page.

All our staff are highly trained, qualified to deliver the activities (e.g. Qualified Mountain Leader) and DBS checked.

Our lead guides are supported by trainee assistant guides – this could be you in the future?! (Our mission is to support aspiring young adults to develop their wilderness guiding and facilitation skills, so let us know if this is a pathway that interests you!)

I’m nearly hooked, what will a typical day look like?

Imagine this…

You’ve woken up in your tent after a good night’s rest. Sounds of birdsong and a gentle breeze fill your ear. Stumbling out of your tent and breathing in the fresh air you take in the humble surroundings. The sun has risen above the huge horizon and there isn’t a building in sight for miles.

This morning you have some free time to enjoy your own company. You’ve decided to go for a short walk and climb some trees, so you grab your overnight oats and set off. The view is even more satisfying from up above.

After thinking about your future, you decide it’s time to let your feet touch the ground once again. Rejoining the camp you greet your fellow villagers. It’s time for the morning circle where you gather with 12 other inspiring young people from all over the UK and prepare for the day ahead. One of your fellow villagers leads a silly game that gets everyone belly laughing.

When the laughs subside we check in with each other, sharing our thoughts, current feelings, and what we’ve dreamt about. Looking at the day ahead we then take it in turns to set our intentions. What do we hope to get out of today? What have the challenges been so far? What do we want to accomplish/learn by the end of the day?

As a village you decide to go a climb The Old Man of Coniston, a mountain with a lake at the top for some wild swimming. After diving into the incredibly refreshing water one of the young people in the group is a body-positivity activist and they lead a mind-blowing conversation about everyone’s relationships with their bodies. The Guides suggest a craft session back at camp, making a totem pole of body-myths to burn in a bonfire!

Lunch is a delicious feast of locally produced food, lovingly prepared by half of the group. There’s some downtime to chill and find your solo spot – the place you will sit for your half day ‘vision fast’  on the penultimate day. The Guides lead a conversation around the power of this practice, and how it can help to grow your confidence, overcome your fears and discovering your superpowers… 

What will happen next you ask? You’ll have to come along to find out!


Each camp will have 4 guides, two senior guides + two trainee assistants from our network of aspiring talented youth workers. All guides are DBS checked and are experts in taking groups through deep transformative journeys in the wild. We ensure the diversity of the group is represented in our guiding team as much as possible.

Please see Our Team page for bios.

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