“When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else
in the Universe.”
– John Muir

Many of us are seeking a new kind of purpose and balance. Our ecological and social systems are creaking, and this calls for new ways of living and working together.  As Way of Nature UK we are helping to explore and navigate new ways of living and working, inspired by the wisdom of Nature and traditional wisdom.

Over the past year we have started to develop exciting partnerships with different organisations working on key challenges of our times. Our ideas and principles are being used in pioneering leadership programmes such as Amani Institute‘s Social Management programme.  In 2015 we also rolled out our first ‘Philosophers Camp’ – retreats to help tackle the big issues of our times. Our first Philosophers Camp was a collaboration with the New Citizenship Project, exploring the shift from citizenship to consumerism. You can read about it here.x

STOP press: We were recently part of a group starting an initiative to help refugees arriving in Greece. If you are interested in contributing then please email andres[at]wayofnature.co.uk. th

xWe will be adding more information about our wider work with communities and ecology-based projects soon!

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