From Shadows into Light: 5 Day Introductory Shadow Work Retreat 

From Shadows into Light: 5 Day Introductory Shadow Work Retreat 

 6th – 10th July 2022, Tuscany – Italy – Guided by John P. Milton

Revealing our Authentic Connections to Outer, Inner, and True Nature.

This introductory shadow work retreat is focused on discovering and transforming our shadows into a clear, free, and liberated state.  This retreat is essentialized from a 4-year Three Natures Advanced Training that is soon entering its final year. During this 5 day intensive, we will focus on 6 levels of our shadows and inner blockages:  physical, energetic, emotional, mental, ancestral and karmic. John has developed a system of 7 fundamental approaches to liberating these shadows which we will learn to apply to each of these 6 levels of shadow manifestation. 

The effective transformation of our inner obscurations is a vital precursor to connecting clearly to Outer, Inner and True Nature. Once these impediments are transmuted, the natural radiance of our experience of the Natural World begins to shine. Also, as our inner shadows dissolve, our emotional and sensorial experience of life opens into inborn delight and happiness. Lastly, the metamorphosis of our contractions and blockages helps open an authentic experience of our True Nature: vast, open, silent, still, luminous and clear awareness. As this transformative process deepens, we discover the inherent quality of our Pure Being/True Nature: Natural Joy.


During our retreat we will discover how to:

–  Release our shadows into a blockage-free, liberated condition
– Learn and cultivate together these 7 techniques for locating, honouring, purifying, anti-doting, transmuting and self liberating
– Identify and work with these 6 levels of internal obscuration through applying these 7 techniques to each level
– Work with a particular set of shadow aspects that relate to each of Nature’s elements (Earth, Metal/Stone, Water, Wood, Fire, Air, and Space
– Explore how certain types of internal blockage patterns tend to arise within each of these elemental conditions
– Process shadow aspects related to worry, fear, anger, grief, impatience/anxiety, distractedness and fundamental ignorance
– Learn how to cultivate ourselves integrating practices from both Chinese Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist cultures

Fluency and mastery in this Shadow Transformation Process develops over months and years of personal cultivation.  This retreat will help open the path to developing this profound cultivation process and integrating it into your daily lives. Follow up integration processes will also be recommended..

Nature as our Partner

We will be working with Nature as our partner throughout this 5-day retreat.  By practicing in Nature in its relatively unmodified condition, we will explore how Nature’s uncontrived systems normally generate fields of harmony, balance, and natural integration.  By learning how to connect more deeply with natural systems we begin to spontaneously enter into a more open and liberating life experience.  We have also found that spending some time in solitude in Nature is very supportive in deepening connection with Nature. By entering solitude in a relatively undisturbed environment for a while, human culture drops away and a culture of ‘all life’ becomes our new living family.  Way of Nature has found this to be immensely powerful in helping us return to a natural state of stillness, silence, and spaciousness.  This in itself is very healing for those wanting to transform and release internal shadows and blockages. The retreat will therefore include periods of solo time to support this natural process.  

Before entering Nature in solitude during part of the day, we will provide training in specific techniques for shadow transformation while alone (or “AllOne” as John reminds us).  The solo time will give the opportunity to go deep with the learned practices. Following each AllOne Time, we will have periods together to share our transformational experiences and explore how to refine our processes of shadow release.  The final days of the retreat will emphasize how to integrate your shadow work into daily life at your home, work, and social community.  

We look forward to your participation in this very special offering. This retreat offers a rare opportunity to experience these teachings with John directly. Space  is limited, so please be in touch with us to register.


John P. Milton – John is an early ecologist, one of the founding fathers of the modern environmental movement. He worked and studied extensively in many of the world’s shamanic and enlightening traditions, beginning with his first Vision Quest at age seven. Since then, starting in the 1950’s, John was one of the first to bring a contemporary Vision Quest form into western culture. One of his hopes is that by introducing this profound process to the West, many modern imbalances due to disconnection from Nature can be healed.

John has distilled the common ground found in many Nature-connected cultures; he brings this distillation of deep wisdom and Nature-connected practice into a pathway that is accessible to all. He brought this pathway together by founding an organization, the Way of Nature, in the 1970’s.

John has published numerous books, articles, DVDs and audio teachings. Some of the most relevant to our Course include: the book “Sky Above, Earth Below and Cultivating Natural Liberation: Teachings on reconnecting with the 3 Natures,

For practical information please contact:

[email protected]

Location, Arrival and Travel

The programme will take place in a mountainous remote area of Tuscany, Italy. The location of the retreat will be on the side of a sacred mountain near the town of Arcidosso, GR.

How to arrive: From outside Italy arrive into the following hubs – Rome , Pisa and Florence. From these locations it is advisable to rent a car to arrive to the location or liaise with other participants to share local transportation.

We suggest you arrive on Tuesday the 5th July to be ready to start on Wednesday morning.

Location: (1000 m altitude) Monte Labbro in the south of Tuscany, Agriturismo La Guinza.

Departures will take place before lunchtime on Sunday 10th July.


The price for the guiding costs: €375

The cost for Accommodation and Board is paid separately to the property:

The price is €45 for the meals per day (if you require special meals there is an extra cost)

Sharing a room €35 per night per person  (Single room costs €50)


To make a booking please fill out this form and make the payment for the guiding: https://forms.gle/QLbG2PMPKdCXq7Af8

Separately please contact La Guinza (+39 320 6867246 (Manola- WhatsApp) or [email protected]) to reserve your room and meals and make your payment. Rooms are available on a first come first served basis.

If you have any other specific questions or to find out more about the programme please contact us at [email protected].

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