Connectors Camp Outs

The Nature Connectors Camp Out
+ Big ‘Solo’ Gathering

Two gatherings for nature connectors – Dates TBA


Over the course of 2018 we are hosting two special gatherings to help connect and support nature connectors. The first, to be held in April in the Lake district, is a big camp out in one of our favourite locations. It will be a chance to regather, replenish, dive deeper into connection practices, ask more questions, share more skills, go back to the wild, talk and sing around fires, and help each other grow nature connection in the world.

The second gathering, in wild Scotland, will be a chance to grow the conversation from April, this time also going on a wild solo and ceremony as a larger community.

These gatherings are aimed for people that have already experienced or worked with us or have very similar interests. The events are by invitation, but we would of course love to connect with more like-minded souls, so do please get in touch if they might be of interest.

April Nature Connectors Camp Out

In April we will gather in the Lake District, at our base in a protected forest, nestled between the waters of Coniston and the vast, open skies of the fells. The plan is to meet on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th April, and to take 5 days and 4 nights to to work and learn and revel in the wild together – all time to deepen our questions and practices with nature connection.

Sessions will include:

– Mini workshops

– Open SpaceCamping & fires & wild meals

– A short ‘solo’

– Games, body practices and wild swimming

– Group circles, peer-mentoring and ceremonies

– Special themes (TBC e.g. Shadow, Relationships etc.)

– Music and singing and rumpus

Scotland – Big Solo Gathering

In October, we will reconvene in Scotland, at a private island off the west coast. Here we will take added time to deepen and grow our conversation, and to prepare for a group ‘solo’ as a community – returning to share stories of wisdom from the wild.

Why are we doing this?

These events are about connecting and celebrating the work we are all doing to reconnect people and nature. They are intended as moments for each of us to rest and replenish while taking time to work on our crafts. Each event will bring together a community of people who have worked with us across Way of Nature UK and Bio-Leadership processes. Coming together in a new way, we hope to make more time to share each other’s stories, dreams and challenges, as practitioners, in more collaborative ways. We believe that by continuously gathering, with nature, to listen, learn, dream and be, we can grow more good things in the world.

Nature and Connection  

During this work, we would love to open up to different forms of work and learning while also respecting the traditions and ideas that have informed the Way of Nature over time. For us, this means working with an idea that nature connection is about refining our own inner nature as much as it is about working with nature ‘out there’ in the world. In this way, this work and community might always work across themes related to our own growth as people, in order to help shape a more whole world.


We propose a sliding scale which we leave as optional to participants:

Lake District Gathering Only

Option 1: £225

Option 2: £275

Scotland Gathering Only

Option 1: £275

Option 2: £350

Registration for both gatherings (10% discount):

Price 1: £450

Price 2: £560


Registration is by invitation or application. Please email us for more information if you are interested in coming to an event.     Copyright Way of Nature UK 2015.                         Videos & images by Terry Bond © 2015