Beginner’s Nature Quest

30th July – 2nd August 2015, Wiltshire, UK

This retreat is a fantastic introduction to Way of Nature principles and the magic of going ‘solo’ – safely – in Nature.

Through the retreat we practice relaxation, awareness, energy-cultivation and mindfulness. All the while we use Nature as teacher and guide. At the heart of the experience is a 24 hour solo – time alone without distractions. This is a beautiful process that we prepare with extra care – perfect if this is your first solo.

We base ourselves in a gentle environment providing a unique setting for those looking to enjoy their overnight solo in a safe space. The ancient hawthorn forest we base ourselves in brings an enchanting energy to the experience. The sites we use are chosen in a native forest amongst stunning rolling hills of Wiltshire, complete with a local stone circle.

What to expect

There is no need to worry about putting up tents or seemingly challenging ideas about camping or adventuring. If you’d like us to, we will help with all practical aspects. This frees up space to take care of yourself and to feel completely free and alone with Nature.


– Arrival on Thursday afternoon to the venue

– Thursday evening fire-side get together

– Friday begins with Way of Nature relaxation and energy activities including methods to refine your senses, gentle energy cultivation techniques (Qi Gong), meditations and relaxation practices.
By the end of Friday you will have a sense of where you want to be for your ‘solo’. We will also run through key outdoors and safety briefings and will support you throughout with these things if necessary.

– Friday at dusk we can enjoy some time exploring the surrounding hills and forests and celebrate the sunset with some outdoor yoga in the middle of a stone circle.

– On Saturday morning we start with relaxation and presencing activities, before the departure for your solo spot.

– We will guide you to your solo spot and help you prepare as much as you need to.

– 24 hours later we come back to get you. There will be a lovely meal waiting for the group.

– Sunday afternoon is about a ‘review’; a special way of sharing stories of adventure and insight.

– We then close the programme late Sunday afternoon to permit time to travel back home.

Who’s it for?

This experience can be provided for all people with a basic level of physical fitness. We also provide all instruction and support required – you won’t need any prior experience of physical activities in the wild. You will need some basic equipment such as a sleeping bag, a list of which is provided on registration. We can also hire out all equipment necessary. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on this at all.

“Spending time alone in nature during the nature quest has made me feel more confident, inspired me in my work, helped me connect better to myself and in my relationships. I returned home feeling reinvigorated, energised, with – what people kept on telling me – very clear eyes. Recommended.”
– karl samuelson – sw london.

What to bring?

We provide a full packing list on registration but expect to bring a small tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and some warm clothes.


The location is reached easily by rail or road. The nearest station is Tisbury. We offer a pick-up service on Thursday evening from Tisbury rail station, and can drop you back there Sunday late afternoon. If you need further assistance with organising your travel, just contact us.


Cost: £425 per person


To book, please email info@wayofnature.co.uk for a registration form and pay the correct fee via the button below.

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