Secret Island, Wild Peace, Deep Practice Retreat

Secret Island, Wild Peace, Deep Practice Retreat

A final, secret, journey of the year.

As we approach December, when the nights are long, we will set off to a private island off the coast of Scotland to make room for a special kind of wild peace.

Settling in and around the only house on the island, this programme weaves short group sessions and mini-workshops with time to be alone in a chosen wild place. The idea is to move as if through a wild ‘dojo’ – working with ancient tools for stillness and connection, then taking them out to a private place in the wild, to try alone. Supported by the ocean, the winds, the wild falcons, otters, seals and more, slowly our journey will build to a 24 hour Nature Quest – a powerful, personal retreat.

Not least, through this programme we take added time to prepare for our return to everyday life. This will include a group call at the beginning of the new year, to keep lessons from the island alive back at home.

The Place

On the wild west coast of Scotland sits a little island four miles off the mainland. The island is a mere two kilometres long by a kilometre wide, shaped by rugged cliffs and rock pools on one side and white sand beaches on the other. With no roads, jetty or pier on the island, we will be the only people there – landed on a beach by the family who has spent the last forty years there.

On the island sits a single house, kept company by a ruined fourteenth century chapel, a host of wild animals and the Brounie, the spirit that watches over the place. The island is truly magical and an unheard-of rarity in this packed and packaged modern world.

More than this, this is an invitation to help the island as a nature reserve. By being there we are supporting conservation plans and a shift towards deeper connection and care.


This is about carving a different quality of time at a frantic time of year. It is also about creating a different kind of space to go deeper into tools related to relaxation and connection. The aim here is to share these in a small sessions, but more than anything to give each participant a whole different quality of space to cultivate these qualities. As we deepen this sense of connection and relationship, we build towards a Nature Quest – a personal ‘solo’ retreat on the land.

Some of what we will cover:

– Tools and practices dedicated to relaxation, awareness and connection, supported by nature
– Moving exercises and meditations to support stillness, flow and awareness (inspired by T’ai Chi and Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gong)
– A personal ‘Nature Quest’ in an extraordinary private place on the island, supported to do so with extra care at this time of year
– Space for personal practice, writing, drawing and more
– Fire-side conversations dedicated to stillness and connection to everyday life
– Plenty of down time and time to be in a personal solo spot on the island
– Optional extra day on the island (after closing on Sunday afternoon)
– A January call to keep insights and lessons alive back at home


Andres Roberts is a guide and advisor dedicated to a new kind of progress, fit for a positive future for all. His work combines renewed ideas about learning and change, reconnection to Nature, and the wisdom of ancient cultures to help more positive, and more systemic, change happen. Building on twenty years of experience in learning and leadership, Andres has studied with respected elders from across the world, helping to make ancient wisdom and Nature-based practices more accessible in the modern world. Andres is co-founder of Way of Nature UK and founding partner of The Bio-Leadership Project.


This programme will take place from the 30th November to 3rd December. We ask that participants are on the west coast by either 2pm of the 29th November (to have a free afternoon on the island) or by 9am on the 30th. After the programme, finishing on the Sunday, there is also an option to stay on the island for an extra night and day, at your own leisure.


The price for the full retreat including all activities, practices, accommodation and food from Wednesday night/Thursday morning to Sunday evening (with the choice of staying on to Monday at your own leisure) is £575.

All participants are welcomed on this programme as guests of the island, and fees contribute as private donations towards protecting and restoring nature.


To book your place on this programme please complete this registration form, following payment instructions at the end.  

For more information please email

Equipment and Camping 

We ask that you bring your own camping equipment for the solo or any nights you would like to sleep outside. Please check our packing list for minimal items to ensure a restful and comfortable visit at this time of the year. We will be out in the elements much of the time, with a lovely cost house to return to. 

Travel Information

The arrive at the secret island we will be met by our hosts at a meeting destination on the west coast of the Kintyre peninsula. The location is accessible by road from Glasgow, and there is a regular bus route.     Copyright Way of Nature UK 2015.                         Videos & images by Terry Bond © 2015