Reconnection and Renewal with John P. Milton

Reconnection and Renewal with John P. Milton

Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland, 8th to 14th July 2017

This is a week-long programme with John P. Milton, grandfather of Way of Nature and renowned ecologist, activist, author, spiritual teacher and shaman. This programme takes place at the legendary Findhorn Foundation and Ecovillage Community, on the wild coast of Northern Scotland.

Through this week, John will share lessons on his twelve principles of ‘Natural Renewal’, supporting relaxation, presence, reconnection and what he calls ‘Source Awareness’.  The Programme will consist of energy cultivation practices, deep wisdom teachings, group conversations and of course, a profound ‘solo’ immersion in Nature. Being at Findhorn, we will place special attention on reconnection and replenishment with the land.

What to expect

John’s Way of Nature principles are brought together from a number of wisdom and indigenous traditions. These include Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, Native American wisdom and more, to which he has dedicated over 70 years of study and practice. Practiced with Nature, the principles form a powerful way to connect and align inner and outer Nature. Thousands of people have experienced John’s programmes and many report greatly enhanced ability to handle stress, amplified creativity, and a renewed discovery of the basic joy of life.

This programme include Qi Gong and T’ai Chi energy cultivation practices, all easy to learn and suitable for all ages, designed to deepen experience of energetic connection to all life. John will then combine an introduction of the twelve principles with reflective dialogue and opportunities to practice through time alone (AllOne) with Nature. At Findhorn, we plan some short AllOne sessions, and at least a twenty-four hour, perhaps a forty-eight hour AllOne solo in sacred land.


The programme will run from Saturday 8th July, starting in the afternoon, and close on Friday 14th in the evening, followed by a celebratory meal. The programme price includes accommodation on the Friday night for Saturday morning departures.

How to get ready

We will send you a full packing list after registration once you have registered. In the meantime you can take a look some general packing tips and items here. All meals will be provided except during AllOne solo sessions, where participants are encouraged to fast. If you feel you would like to eat during these times you will need to bring your own food which can be bought from the local community shop.

“A chance to meet one of the greatest teachers of our time”
– Ilma


The programme will take place at the Findhorn Foundation, on the North Coast of Scotland. Please find directions to Findhorn here:

John P. Milton’s Background

John P. Milton is an early ecologist, one of the founding fathers of the modern environmental movement. He worked and studied extensively in many of the world’s shamanic and enlightening traditions, beginning with his first Vision Quest at age seven. Since then, starting in the 1950s, John was one of the first to bring a contemporary Vision Quest form into western culture. One of his hopes is that by introducing this profound process to the West, many modern imbalances due to disconnection from Nature can be healed.

John has distilled the common ground found in many Nature-connected cultures; he brings this distillation of deep wisdom and Nature-connected practice into a pathway that is accessible to all. He brought this pathway together by founding an organisation, the Way of Nature, in the 1970s.

John has published numerous books, articles, DVDs and audio teachings. Some of the most relevant to our Course include: the book, “Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature,” and four DVD’s produced with Sounds True: “T’ai Chi for Liberation,” and the three DVD set “Qi Gong for Long Life.”


£825 for individuals

£1045 for participants from public and third sector organisations

£1245 for participants from corporate or large consultancy

Bursaries: £550*

*We are able to offer three low price bursary places on this retreat. To apply, please email us at with a short description of who you are and why you would like to come and be part of the journey.


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