Spring Programme: Norwegian Island

Spring Programme: Norwegian Island

Norway – 28th March to 1st April 2018

Our first retreat of the year will take us to a private island in Norway for a journey about making space, finding deep peace and – as ancient sages would say – embracing the ‘yin’.

Taking place over 5 days, this will be a profound experience combining essential Way of Nature tools and practices, mini-workshops, a powerful nature ‘solo,’ and a unique form of time for deep rest and reflection. 

We are happy to be running this programme in Norway after appearing on Music for People in Trouble, the extraordinary last album of Norwegian artist, Susanne Sundfør.


This programme combines ancient wisdom practices, a Nature Quest ‘solo,’ the wonder of faraway land and the vastness of the ocean.

We’ll take this journey soon after the Spring Equinox, travelling over land and by fishing boat to an island which we will have all to ourselves. Once there, you will choose a place all to yourself to practice and rest in, supported a set of skills and tools we will provide, surrounded by ancient land, water and wind.

This retreat draws inspiration from ancient rites of passage that have helped many people throughout time. To begin, we will take two days to prepare in a special way for your time alone in nature. This will consist of a mix of Way of Nature ingredients, including practices drawn from Taoism, (including T’ai Chi and Qi Gong), indigenous traditions, nature-inspired meditations, and tools and space for deep relaxation.

After the “solo”, we will take time to share and reflect on the lessons drawn from nature, and how to keep them alive back in everyday life.

Together with good food, good conversation and good camp fires in Norway, supported by a group call 2 months later, this will be an experience to really make a difference to life.

The art of space

Modern life is blurred by speed, busyness and unnatural competition: we seem to be addicted to constant doing. This isn’t surprising when you consider that, growing up, very few of us were ever taught how to slow down. Back at school, we learned how to try harder, go further, do more. But what about how to stop and be?

Everything in Nature combines doing with being. Every year has the emptiness of winter as well as the busyness of summer. Every day has the darkness of night as well as the light of the day, and every living thing moves in cycles of motion and rest.

In ancient China, traditions such as Taoism understood this, and used this knowledge as guiding principles to life. This contrast – a dance of action and space – or Yin and Yang – is at the heart of this retreat. On this magic island, we will put particular emphasis on the Yin, which is often forgotten and has its own unique form of power. It’s the art of relaxation, of yielding, even of the divine feminine, in order to bring a different quality of purpose and being through to the world.

Place, travel and logistics

This retreat takes place on a private island on the West coast of Norway. To arrive there, we will give directions from Bergen airport, and provide recommendations from Haugesund airport as well. The meeting point will be on a larger island, from which we will arrange transfers by land and boat to our destination.

Once on the island, the intention is to camp around a beautiful house which we will use for meals, workshops and conversations. We would love to be outside as much as possible, so we will sleep outside in tents and only go inside in case of very adverse weather.

At the start of the journey together, we will walk around the island for you to choose a place to use as a place of peace and practice. This will be your place to be, undisturbed, and to be in for your solo – a personal ‘dojo’ in the wild. In this way we will flow through a series of group sessions, time for personal practice, the solo, and a return and celebratory close at the end.

This is sure to be a special programme in a sensational location. We are keeping the group to a small number to work in a gentle and relaxed way. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more.


£645 to include all activities, food, and local transfers.

Early Bird discount at 15% before 24th January 2018.

Two Way of Nature bursary rates available, by application, at £425.


To register for this programme, please just complete this registration form, following payment instructions at the end. For more information, please contact us at info@wayofnature.co.uk.

“I would strongly urge you to get involved with Way of Nature. What they are doing is unique and, quite simply, essential.”
– Ryan
Norwegian image by Johannes Groll on Unsplash

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