Connectors Programme

Way of Nature UK Connectors Programme

A programme and tribe of nature connectors – 6 months from April to October 2018


The Way of Nature Connectors programme is about helping people to bring deep nature connection into life and work. Taking place over 6 months, it is a journey exploring the tools and techniques we use at Way of Nature to help positive connection and change happen in life and work.

Building on 2017’s Basic Guide Training, this as an invitation to join a community of people working to make a real difference with genuine openness, creativity and care.  The Connectors programme will also link to a ‘Connectors Fellowship’ – an amazing group of people who came together as part of the 2017 Guide Training programme. On completion of the Connectors Programme, all participants are invited into the Connectors Fellowship.


The Connectors Programme consists of a 5 day introductory retreat, a series of day workshops on key topics, opportunities to assist and learn through live programmes, and a very special gathering at the end of the year. We begin the process with a journey in the Lake District – camping out together, learning tools and practices, trying out a nature ‘solo’ and enjoying forest adventures, wild swims, good fires, good food and good conversations. After that first week, we follow with a number of individual workshops to support an understanding of the ideas and principles behind our work. These themes include nature-based connection, presence and relaxation practices; more about force, energy and flow; more on our style of nature facilitation; and a 2 day session on ‘how to make this happen in the world’.

To close the programme, we will hold a big camp out in an extraordinary destination in October, first taking a couple of days to reflect and close this group process, then joining other connectors, guides and bio-leaders to learn and celebrate as a larger group. Though the process we also invite you to choose a live project to work with to apply learning in your own life and work, and we support the journey with 1:1 calls.

Do note, the Connectors programme is less a practical or technical guiding programme, and more a journey exploring the principles we work with to support more intangible qualities such as connection, flow,  purpose, awareness and creativity. Going through this process won’t necessarily mean you are ready to guide a nature quest – but you will have some wonderful tools to support very necessary qualities in the world, and you will be part of a community that is committed learning and growing together in different ways. While we  do this, and while Way of Nature UK evolves, we will continuously explore continued paths of learning.

Aims of the programme

The Connectors Programme will help you to explore and work with core Way of Nature principles and practices. These principles are related to qualities such as connection, stillness, presence, flow and compassion. They are drawn from deep experience in nature and ancient traditions, and we really believe that by helping more people reconnect with these qualities we can help really good things happen in the world.  Though this programme we explore nature connection across three levels: connection to inner nature, connection to outer nature, and connection to the nature of how life goes. The aim is to find deep nuggets of peace, wisdom and wonder to bring back into everyday life, and in our own ways, help others feel the same.

The key aspects of this programme include:

• Learning and exploring core principles of Way of Nature: Connection, Presence, Relaxation, Source Awareness, Energetic flow and heart.
• Exploring techniques and practices, working with nature, to support the cultivation of these qualities
• An introductory insight into how we host nature quests. Through the programme we touch on the facilitative as well as operational aspects of guiding this work
• How to approach this work  up and make it work: getting into a new era of social and responsible entrepreneurship
• Ideas and way of growing a network to grow our work in the world

Key steps and dates

Connectors Retreat: a introductory weekend including a mini solo experience

Lake District, UK – 11th – 15th April

Day workshops

Our day long workshops cover different aspects to have a deeper understanding of the Way of Nature DNA. We will frame these sessions interactively so participants can come away with processes and methods that they have experienced, enabling them to take these into their lives. Expect dialogue, practice, fun and enquiry on each topic. Please note these day workshops are also open to the public.


Way of Nature UK Awareness Practices workshop

1 hour from London – Saturday 12th May, 2018 – 10am to 4.30pm


Way of Nature UK Energy and flow workshop

Bristol – Saturday 2nd June, 2018 – 10am to 4.30pm

Way of Nature UK Facilitation and Learning Tools

Bristol – Saturday 30th June, 2018 – 10am to 4.30pm


Soulful Entrepreneurship

London – Saturday 8th September – 10am to 4.30pm

Making it work

London – Sunday 9th September – 10am to 4.30pm

The Big Camp Out: Time to review our insights from the programme and close the process before being joined by other guides, people from the Connectors Fellowship, Bio-Leadership practitioners and other nature-connection friends.

Scotland, UK – 3rd – 7th October


The cost for the Connectors Programme includes:

• An intensive 5 day retreat including principles & practices training and a 24 hour solo
• A series of 5x day workshops on specific themes
• Opportunities to work on a real-life projects in our community
• Invitation to assist on programmes
• Two 1-1 calls with the facilitators to support the deepening of your enquiry
• A final review and celebratory big camp out with the wider Way of Nature tribe

£1425 for all of the above.
£950 for just three bursary slots.


This programme is by application. For an application pack please email us at     Copyright Way of Nature UK 2015.                         Videos & images by Terry Bond © 2015