A Course for Men – Living Our True Nature –

A Course for Men – Living Our True Nature

A course for men hosted over 5 months –  May to September 2018

Modern civilisation and the suburban life just doesn’t suit men’s nature. It leaves men often feeling unchallenged. One of the symptoms of disconnectedness in policy-making, our workplaces and our communities stems from the lack of rites of passage that support the transition from boyhood to becoming a mature man.

Join us for a 5 month programme in cultivating stillness, reawakening a sense of aliveness, exploring purpose and enjoying the support of community.



Our journey begins with a 5 day hiking retreat in a sacred valley in Tuscany, well known historically for it’s stillness and as an area for contemplative solitude. We will make space for both outer adventure and an inner safari, that will culminate in a 24 hour ‘solo’ – time alone camping in the wilderness inspired by the Vision Quest tradition.

During this programme we will have a chance to practice with a variety of tools that allow us to explore ourselves, our edges and our dreams. The practices will include gentle movement meditations, strong physical activities that will challenge us, and ways to experience deep presence and relaxation.

Over the following four months each participant will belong to an enquiry group that will meet regularly online or physically (if distance allows), to explore themes of beliefs, love, sex, relationship and more.

As a group we will circle up four times, for two hours per session, through an online platform, to take part in a men’s group. This will be a time to check in and share our edges, challenges and things we want to celebrate with each other.

Towards the end of the course we will co-host a call with a celebrated guest speaker, elder and pioneer to the modern men’s movement, Nick Duffell, who co-founded the Centre of Gender Psychology 20 years ago. Nick will share his perspective gained over his life-time working with people like Robert Bly, to host a dialogue about our journey and perspective on modern masculinity.

We will conclude our journeying together by reviewing and sharing insights we have gained, discuss the themes of purpose in community or career, and support each other to carry these lessons out into the world. To close we will sing, tell stories around the camp-fire, dream and sleep under the stars for a final evening together.


“A sharpening of the senses and of the joy of being alive.”

– Jeremy

Please note: This journey will be physically challenging. Expect to learn new practices for living in the wild, and to carry all of the food and shelter you will need over the expedition.


The first retreat is scheduled 30th May – 3rd June. The final campout is scheduled 6th September.


The retreat will take place in a sacred valley in Tuscany, Italy. The final camp out will take place in South East England, details announced on registration.



£695 Early Bird discount for registrations before 28th February 2018 

Bursaries: £595*

*We are able to offer two reduced price bursary places on this retreat. To apply, please email us at info@wayofnature.co.uk with a short description of who you are and why you would like to come and be part of the journey.


To book, please complete this registration form, following payment instructions at the end. To find out more about the programme please contact us at info@wayofnature.co.uk.

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